About me

I’m a journalist and copywriter who has travelled and lived all over the world. I have called Italy, Argentina, Bolivia and Vietnam home, and I have also spent months exploring backwaters as varied as Paraguay and Cambodia; Kenya and Kashmir. I am now back in Cape Town rediscovering my hometown and learning to be a dad.

People often ask me what kind of topics I specialise in. I try to write about the stuff that interests me: far-off places, smart solutions to obstinate problems, gnarly food, surprising historical episodes... Whatever the subject matter, my writing is clear, concise and focused on storytelling.

I've done pieces on travellifestyle, people and trends for close to a hundred outlets, including the BBC, OZY.com, High Life, Men's Health, Getaway, The Sunday Times and Morning Calm.

I also use my skills to craft copy for corporate clients but I don't put all of it up on this site. And I collaborate with the best designers, developers and proofreaders I know to offer an all-in-one copy and design package for websites, brochures and more.

Before becoming a journo, I did an MA in Creative Writing. A short story of mine, You should have called me Narcissus, appeared in an anthology edited by JM Coetzee and my first novel, Holiday Town, was shortlisted for the EU Literary award. My second novel, Stuffed, is a work in progress.

You can contact me here.