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I like to think of 'lifestyle' as travelling without leaving home. In my case this usually involves eating, drinking, reading, or gardening. But that doesn't mean I won't break out of my comfort zone. A recent feature on the Zip Zap Circus school was a particular favourite.

I'm totally obsessed with history - especially whacky tales from Africa and South America - and I've finally found some publications that are into it as I am. From battles and murderers through to sandwich sauces and trout fishing, you name it, I've written about it.


Writing lifestyle articles doesn't feel like work to me as it involves doing the things I love most and sharing them with other people. From coffee and craft beer to walking, gardening and cooking, I keep myself busy.

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Nothing gets my pulse racing like an unexpected tale that's been largely forgotten by modernity. While I'll write about absolutely anything old, I do have a real soft spot for 19th Century South American Caudillos, foods with fascinating origins and the rise and fall of the Dutch East India Company (VOC).


I got into gear by accident, but now it's a major part of my life. Every month we feature something different, so I have to turn myself into a new kind of expert 12 times a year.

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