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I don't only write about far-off places and exotic cultures. In fact, I have at least one foot firmly rooted in the real world, and to this end I do loads of copywriting for corporate clients. Although I don't get a byline for this work, I still deliver the same faultless and entertaining product to my clients. Press releases, advertorials, emailers, advertising and website copy - I do it all.

I've worked for big names like Sanlam, Prudential, FNB and Cape Union Mart and I've also written plenty of websites for smaller firms. If you have a message you want communicated, why not contact me? I'd love to send you samples of my work and discuss your particular needs. Due to the nature of the work I am not able to publish all of my copywriting here.

Stand-alone projects

I'm doing more and more work direct for companies. I have written websites and company profiles, fliers and video & radio adverts. I also edited a digital magazine for a couple of years. In many cases, I offer my clients an all-inclusive package incorporating both copy and design.

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Press releases and advertorials

Once I got into gear writing it was only natural that I'd be asked to do some press releases and advertorials. My press releases and advertorials are engaging and unflinchingly accurate, and they epitomise the adage 'less is more'.

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Magazine articles

In-house and B2B magazines are bigger than consumer titles at the moment, and they require an enormous array of content which is interesting to write and research. From engaging department profiles to emotive reports on CSI projects, I can do it all. I'm even able to be funny about business on request...

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Corporate blogging is huge these days, and smart companies realise that it pays to employ a professional to do it for them. I've blogged for dozens of clients, big and small, over the years.

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