Writing is not a choice for me, it is a reflex.

My travel features document journeys, or parts of journeys, I have made. A lot of the travelling I do is unconventional, which makes writing about it easy. My travel writing focuses on people, animals and landscapes, and is often accompanied by my own photos.

My columns are about peoples and customs from places far and near. Some are funny while others are thought-provoking, but all offer new angles on old themes.

I blog for a few travel agents who specialise in South American destinations. I love writing these blogs, as I have free rein in terms of topic and they're short enough to be written in a morning!



Travel features

My adventure-travel writing has included articles about walking the shores of Lake Turkana; caving in Northern Vietnam; and contracting parasitic infections in the Amazon. I have also undertaken more mundane trips, which have led to articles about the quebradas of Northern Argentina; and renewing my passport in Peru. I cut my travel teeth on South Africa, and there isn’t a province I haven’t hiked in; a biome I haven’t fished in; or a dorpie I haven’t had a samoosa in.

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When I've lived in a place for a long time, my experiences there become more about the people and the customs than about the sights and attractions. In Argentina it was all about asado, yerba mate and Maradona, while in Bolivia the drinking and coca culture was hard to miss. In Vietnam I was struck by the lack of road rules and the presence of every other kind of rule. Even South Africa holds surprises for me: each time I come home something new amazes me. These observations inspire my columns.

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Travel blogs

I blog for a couple of US travel agencies specialising in travel to Latin America. My work for SA Luxury Expeditions and Vaya Adventures in particular has been extremely rewarding as it has allowed me to explore some really interesting topics.

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